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Author: Ted Dekker 
Publisher: Nelson Business 
Length : 350 pages

One idyllic summer, a dark stranger wanders into the town of Paradise, Colorado with a message of hope and grace. As that message starts to unfold, the town and all the people in it start to unravel. Everyone, that is, except Johnny Drake. Johnny is the only one that can see through the charade, and see the truth about Marsuvees Black. Little does Johnny know, the arrival of this preacher is just the beginning. His life is about to get a lot more interesting.

Hidden away in the canyons outside of Paradise is a monastery hidden away from the rest of the world. No one outside of it's walls knows that it exists. No one could imagine the power that is held within those walls. Behind the hidden doors of that monastery are a group of children that have been groomed to change the course of history. The story really starts to get interesting when they start to do what they have been trained all their lives to do.

Ted Dekker is a man that can give Stephen King a run for his money. From the first page of this book, he will grab you by the eyes, worm his way into your brain until you can't sleep. You have to stay up and finish reading this book.

Juston Wright


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