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I Surrender All: Rebuilding A Marriage Broken by Pornography
Authors: Clay & Renee Crosse with Mark Tabb
Publisher: Navpress
Pages: 173

Singer Clay Crosse first saw pornography in the fourth grade. He was at a friendís house when they found a collection of magazines. A few years later, another friend showed him a movie. By the time he was in high school, he had a small stash of magazines hidden in his room. Clay knew that looking at this material was wrong, but he never thought about how dangerous it might be. 
Even after he and his future wife made a commitment to purity, he was able to rationalize his involvement with pornography. As long as he and Renee were not having sex, he thought he was okay. 
Once he married, he assumed that his battle was over. Being a fan of movies, Clay though little about the content of the films that he watched. It made it easier to once again watch pornographic videos at the height of his music success in 1996. This began a two-year descent that would affect him physically, jeopardizing his marriage and career.
This coupleís journey to restoration is told clearly and concisely in their own words. Itís honest without any lurid details. Through Reneeís account we see the heartbreak and turmoil that family members can experience. 
This story serves as a warning to all that will take it to heart. There is a common progression with predictable and devastating results. This book could help others turn their lives around.
How could someone so popular in Christian music justify this kind of behavior? Clay and Renee admit that their relationship with God was shallow. Once Clay made it big, they became enamored with all of the pleasures that they could enjoy. Looking back they realize that they were living for themselves. 
The foundation for the rebuilding that took place in their marriage was a new commitment to serve the Lord. Their path to wholeness is practical without being legalistic, providing hope for those who struggle with this in their own lives.
Life is better for them now. Clay continues to perform concerts nationwide, and he and Renee speak at various marriage enrichment conferences. Clay serves as worship pastor and Renee is involved in the leadership of womenís ministries at The Love of Christ Church in Memphis, pastored by Dana Key of Degarmo & Key fame.
Itís hard not to be challenged about purity when you read this book. Itís a reminder that we must continually "Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desire" (Romans 13:14 ESV). 
Clay and Renee have established HolyHomes Ministries to challenge Christian families to live godly lives. Their thought is that Christian homes should function in a different way than non-Christian homes. They should function in a better way, with more love and caring, and be less destructive and hurtful. 
Michael Dalton
February 18, 2006



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