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Author: Davis Bunn
Publisher: WestBow
Pages: 374
Release Date: March 7, 2006

Matt Kelly is fresh out of FBI training. As he takes a weekend to enjoy some time with his mother before heading off to his first assignment, she is murdered right in front of him. After recovering from his own injuries, he somehow talks his superiors into letting him work the case. As he travels through the twists and turns of solving his mother's murder, he stumbles across dark secrets in his family's past and begins to find how they have come back to haunt him today.

Just when you think you have a character or plot vein figured out, things change to make you doubt your perceptions of what has happened. Who do you trust? Who did that? What did he mean when he said that? This book will keep you guessing and keep you reading.

Some books scream to you that the author has sold their soul to Hollywood and become nothing more than a glorified screenwriter. Other books are well written and scream to be put on the big screen. Imposter is the latter of the two.

Justin Wright   03/05/06


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