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October 2005 Top 10 

The October 2005 Top 10 voting results include some intriguing shuffling of projects' voting placement and artists who had been missing from the polls. Sufjan Stevens' _Illinois_ bounces back to overwhelmingly win the October poll, and the first of artists who haven't been in the Top 10 in awhile roars into the second spot--the King's X _Ogre Tones_ project. After a lengthy absence, Bill Mallonee's _Friendly Fire_ ranks third, followed by last month's number one entry, _Nothing is Sound_ by Switchfoot. Also returning from the last poll is Starflyer 59, and other re-entries from earlier polls include The Choir (not one but two recordings!) and Buddy Miller. And Cream's _Royal Albert Hall '05_ cracks the Top 10. There were ties for the fourth and sixth slots, so remember that every vote counts; cast your votes for the November Top 10. Here are the results of the October Top 10 survey:

1. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
2. King's X - Ogre Tones
3. Bill Mallonee - Friendly Fire
4. Switchfoot - Nothing is Sound
4. The Choir - O How the Mighty Have Fallen
6. Buddy Miller - Universal United House of Prayer
6. David Crowder Band - A Collision
8. The Choir - Chase the Kangaroo
9. Starflyer 59 - Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice
10. Cream - Royal Albert Hall '05

Coldplay - X & Y
Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams
Denison Witmer - Are You a Dreamer?


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