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March Top 10 

What did you listen to in March 2005? The Phantom Tollbooth Top 10 results are submitted, reported and tablulated. We have not seen Ashley Cleveland or Rich Mullins in the survey in a while, and AC's new_Men and Angels Say debuts at number five; Rich Mullins' Songs makes a return visit to number ten. First-time vote-getters include the number one entry, Over the Rhine's Drunkard's Prayer, Sonia V's A Thing or 2 at number three, Glen Phillips' Winter Pays for Summer, and Tom Petty's Playback_ From last month's results, Eisley slips a notch, Roper moves to number six, and U2's How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb hangs in there at number nine. Entries from last month's results in this month's runners-up are Jennifer Daniels' Summer Filled Sky, Woven Hand's Consider the Birds, and Brian Wilson Presents Smile. Remember to tell us what you're listening to in April by voting in next month's Top 10 survey!

Here are the results of the March 2005 Top 10 survey:

1. Over the Rhine - Drunkard's Prayer
2. Eisley - Room Noises
3. Sonia V - A Thing or 2
3. Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans
5. Ashley Cleveland - Men and Angels Say
6. Glen Phillips - Winter Pays for Summer
6. Roper - Brace Yourself for the Mediocre
8. Tom Petty - Playback
9. U2 - How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
10. Rich Mullins - Songs

Jennifer Daniels - Summer Filled Sky
Spock's Beard - Octane
Woven Hand - Consider the Birds
Relient K - MmHmm
Project 86 - Songs to Burn Your Bridges By
Brian Wilson Presents Smile


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