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August 2005 Top 10

The August Top 10 votes are tabulated and finally reported, with interesting results, as always! Once again, there is an excellent variety in this month's survey, as well as shuffling of the titles for which you have voted. Starflyer 59 and Sufjan Stevens do a literal flip-flop from the July to the August survey, with Coldplay holding steady at the fourth slot--and those projects are the only repeated ones from the July survey. Gone are Ajalon, Glass Hammer, Rich Mullins, Bill Mallonee, U2, Mae, and Over the Rhine, and in are Blindside, Richard Swift, Pedro the Lion, Arcade Fire, Glen Phillips, Interpol, and Jimmy Eat World. Remember that every vote counts, as five runners-up, led by Anberlin, narrowly missed the Top Ten. Cast your votes as you log your listening diary for the month of September, and we'll make the call for your votes very soon. Here are the results of the August 2005 Top 10 survey:

1. Starflyer 59 - Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice
2. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
3. Blindside - The Great Depression
4. Coldplay - X & Y
5. Richard Swift - Nothing to Do with Foxy Boxing
6. Pedro the Lion - Achilles Heel
7. Arcade Fire - Funeral
8. Glen Phillips - Winter Pays for Summer
8. Interpol - Antics
10. Jimmy Eat World - Futures

Anberlin - Never Take Friendship Personal
Brandtson - Send Us a Signal
Modest Mouse - Good News for People Who Like Bad News
Cool Hand Luke - The Fires of Life
The 77's - Sticks and Stones


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