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Heís Been Faithful
Artist: Yicki Yohe 
Label: PureSprings Gospel
Time: 11 tracks/55:30 minutes

Itís no surprise that Vicki Yohe appeals to fans of black gospel and Contemporary Christian Music. Her sound incorporates both styles. 

Unfortunately, this suffers from too much production including some lavish orchestration. It sounds dated, and at times the vocals are over the top, especially on "In The Presence Of Jehovah" and the title cut "Heís Been Faithful." Her voice is often overpowering. 

It would have been better if Yohe had followed the simplicity of "I Simply Love You," which opens and closes the recording with an understated vocal and lone guitar. Similarly, the vocals are toned down on the Rhonda Gunn song, "Iíll Run To You," which is one of the highlights. 

"Increase Me," a duet with Alvin Slaughter, is inspired by the questionable theology of the "Prayer of Jabez" book.

Less orchestration and production and more subdued vocals would have made this better.

Michael Dalton
October 23, 2005 



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