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Artist: Yellowsecond 
Label: Floodgate Records
Length: 13/49:49

Yellowsecond could be described as a critic's nightmare.  Critics are usually forced to describe music under certain genres, or to place a label on a disc that they are comfortable with.  Yellowsecond defies easy explanation they are partially pop punk, somewhat emo at times, and are rife with pop rock hooks.  In short, they are simply a band that knows how to make music that sounds good.

"Chance of Sunbreaks" and "Mulberry" are the obvious (to my ear) singles, featuring a catchy guitar line, and lush with harmonies. "Material" gives a nod to the Foo Fighters, and "Fall Out of Line" could be "Mulberry, part 2" soundwise.  The overall effect is enough pop rock to be radio friendly and accessible, but enough rock to draw
in fans of harder music.  At times they sound like Five Iron Frenzy, which should be no surprise: the band is comprised of former FIF and Rocket Summer members.  One of these is Josh Hemingway, brother of critics' favorite Beki Hemingway.

There's a little here for everyone. Yellowsecond would be welcome in the earphones of fans of Fountains of Wayne, Mae, Foo Fighters, and Superdrag.  I predict good things for Altitude.

Brian A. Smith
21 May 2005



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