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Xtreme Measures
Artist: Xtreme Measures
Genre: Rock/Fusion/Progressive
Label; Indie
Length: 9 tracks/47.19

Xtreme Measures are obviously totally absorbed with music.

Perhaps to some peoples' ears this is pleasing; indeed, to fans of progressive rock, this is a preference. One can see, or, rather, hear, a tedious effort put into their self-titled debut, a methodical approach. One can hear that the group places more emphasis on technicality than on melody.
For example, on the track "Turbulence," the band begins with a brief, chaotic series of 32nd notes, changes time signatures, and plays a major melody, a theme, if you will, and again changes meter into another theme. Such is the life of the progressive rock band, complex and ever-changing, and such is Xtreme Measures. 

Xtreme Measures admirably try to push their own boundaries as musicians. Drummer Daniel Luttick, one of the most able drummers the music
world has ever known, has an incredible command of rhythm and feel. Constantly and without warning, he changes syncopation, meter, and reverses the beat while maintaining a natural flow. In addition to this impressive (if not confusing) approach to music, Luttick plays with utterly impeccable technique.

Still more impressive is the Xtreme Measures string section. On "Tears of the Sun," guitarist Nick Carr attacks the melody with relentlessly exacting precision. In the same way, Dean Gaudin has mastered the bass. Whether fretless, four, five, or six string; we hear him in all forms on Xtreme Measures, most notably on "Rise of the Midnight Sun."

Xtreme Measures is more about virtuosity than melody; in fact, the music is almost 'unhummable.' Moreover, on this "long awaited" debut album, Xtreme Measures accomplishes a total amalgamation of the pomposity of progrock, the groove of fusion, and the improvisational genius of jazz. 

Tom MacMillan  5/21/2005



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