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The Morning After the Night Before
Artist: Waterproof Blonde 
Label: Crash Ave. Entertainment
Length: 10/37:46

Now here is a band I could get to like.  Independent rockers Waterproof Blonde have released their first full length with The Morning After the Night Before.  Front woman Rachel Hagan (trust me on this, men check out their website) is no shrinking violet she hits her vocals hard, in the manner of a Veruca Salt or a Breeders, occasionally sounding like a more melodic version of Courtney Love.

"Supermodel Craving" is the single, and is adequate enough for radio, but I much prefer the edge of "Hold Her Down", in which Hagan's vocals are the female equivalent to David Bowie in his "Suffragette City" days.  Much like Chicago area rockers Celestial Static, you find yourself rooting for this band to get signed, and see what some money and publicity could do for them.

Brian A. Smith
21 May 2005



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