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  Rumored to Whisper Suspicions
Artist: Verona
Label: Lujo Records
Length: 11 Tracks/ 48:09

This debut album by Verona is not ground-breaking in any way, but it is very solid and will satisfy the listening needs of many people. The sound on this album can best be described as a melodic pop rock sound. While not the most intriguing sound in the world Verona does an excellent job of displaying their strong point very well. And this strong point is the singing ability of front man Kyle Logghe. His beautiful voice combined with the ability to jump octaves with ease, creates an amazing listening experience.

The downfall of this album for me was the use of profanity on several of the tracks, while at times this seems trivial; it really put a damper on my enjoyment of the album. The track that was the most solid was the first one; “Matador, Liver and Liquor the Bull.” This was a wise selection for an introduction track; it really catches your attention and keeps you interested. Another downfall was the all-to-common mistake, of making every song sound relatively the same.

Mike Elliott  2/20/2005



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