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  Get Well
Artist: They Sang As They Slew  
Label: Northern Records
Length: 10 tracks/56 minutes

In a fairly exciting year musically, one of the newest additions to the Northern Records has been They Sang As They Slew. Although this band is fairly new to the scene, its members are not. Most recognizable is lead singer and guitarist Jamie Bozeman, formerly of Luxury, a band he started with his brother and All Things Bright and Beautiful front man Lee Bozeman.  Jamie Bozeman takes this project in a little bit different direction from his brothers work. Bozeman shapes songs in the vein of Sunny Day Real Estate or Radiohead, just not to that level of creativity or originality.

While TSATS certainly gives us a good art-rock effort, Get Wellís problem is that it might be a bit too artsy for its own good. While the musicianship and the instrumentation on this album are top notch, the song writing hurts these factors. With the average song length around six minutes, they tend to draw out too long, so much that they could easily bore the listener or have them wanting for more. There just isnít much here that sets this band apart from its peers.  

It comes down to this. Get Well could have been a great album. The lack of song strength and distinctness make this a good album. Hopefully TSATS next project will be a bit more thought out.

Zach Delph  1/22/2005



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