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  Things You Can't Stop With Your Hands
Artist: Tara Leigh Cobble
Label: Independent
Length: 12 Tracks / 33:22 

Tara Leigh Cobble is one of those independent artists that deserves your attention.  For some, being an independent artist means that if you are lucky you will enjoy a minimal amount of national exposure but mainly enjoy regional support.  Cobble is one of those artists who deserves for people all around the country to stand up and take notice of.  Her second album features Cobble taking some risks with songs that range in style from rock to acoustic to acappella.  It is rare to find a CD that has two of those styles on it and even more remarkable that this project has all three.

It is also remarkable to realize that Cobble wrote every song on the CD, except for track 9, "Hard to Get," which was written by Rich Mullins.

Highlights of this album include "Quiet Love Song" an acappella track; "I Wonder," an acoustic track which also features some of the best lyrics of the entire project; and "White T-Shirt," one of the more rocking songs on the CD.

Give Cobble a listen.

Burton Wray February 7, 2005



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