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Artist: Tim Thompson
Label: Independent 
Length: 9 Tracks / 42:16 

Despite having released five albums since 1993, including three instrumental projects, Tim Thompson is a name that few Christian music fans will recognize. Thompson has also produced CDs for various artists. _Faces_ sees another instrumental release from Thompson, this one featuring some of his original personal songs as well as arrangements of familiar jazz tunes, but taking a somewhat unique approach of featuring an acoustic guitar as the main instrument.  Unfortunately, many of the songs on this album run together and start to sound similar fairly quickly.  Even on an instrumental project, the songs should be distinct enough that the average listener can tell when one song ends and another begins. By the time the listener is four tracks in to this project, everything starts sounding similar and many listeners will grow bored.

Some fans, especially jazz fans, may enjoy this project, but many others may not as the tracks tend to sound similar.

Burton Wray January 22, 2005 



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