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Throwing Shapes
Artists: The David Clare Band:
Label: AC Records 2005 
Running Length: 28 minutes

The David Clare Band was formed in Dublin in 2000.  Their first CD was The David Clare Band in 2001 and now, Shaping Tones.  David Clare’s acoustic guitar is a highlight here and his lyrics run about 50/50. Fortunately, the lyrics come through so the audience can understand them, and Deirdre Clare’s background vocals blend well.

Several of the selections are songs of love, and either a person in love (“Honey Babe,” “Angels” and “Maguire on Fire”) or forlorn love (“Welcome Back.”)  Unfortunately, “Welcome Back” is not one of the band’s better arrangements. A standout, though, is “The Bride and The Whore” where the singer is asking Jesus to come into his life after spending time with a disreputable woman. There is good keyboard work on this song.

The lead song on this CD, “The Fire Next Time” tells of what will happen then THE Judgment will come. “The spoiled prince and the kings of crime all consumed by THE FIRE NEXT TIME.” There is great acoustic guitar on this piece, and on “Noah’s Song.”

For American audiences, the lyrics on “The Fire Next Time” and other selections may take some getting used to because they are of situations not familiar to us (“…the gravediggers pick and his cold quicklime…”).   Or in “Honey Babe” when the lyrics mention European towns of Howth and Bray Head.

This CD, Throwing Shapes is an average one. There is promise here, especially with lyrics, but the arrangements, except for acoustic guitar riffs are not memorable.

Copyright 2005 Marie Asner
Submitted 6/15/05



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