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The Songs of My Life
Artist: Scott Ziegler
Label: Independent
length: 12 tracks/ 60:19
Scott Ziegler’s new independent release is a worship album featuring southern-rock and acoustic styling, an easy-going, upbeat and lyrically straight-forward approach to modern praise music.

There’s a sunny glow to Ziggie’s melodies; his songs are written from a happy and thankful heart, and it shines through _The Music of My Life_ from start to finish.  The title-track and “Child of God” are especially good, showcasing a very strong voice and nice string-accompaniment within latter song.  The record becomes more eclectic in its latter half, including a surprisingly good, jazzy closing song titled “Eagle’s Wings.”
His songs use a lot of familiar worship lines and images, but the uplifting tone of his songs and the select impressive tracks are bright signs of a genuine and talented worship artist.  If Ziegler can apply a more unique, Ziggie-fied approach to his lyrics and more fully realize his sound, he could become a very solid and even more enjoyable worship artist. 
Jonathan Avants 11/21/05


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