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Uncommon Days
Artist: Circle Slide
Label: Centricity Records
Length: 11 Tracks / 45:18

When I heard that the dynamic duo Steve Hindalong and Derri Daugherty produced and engineered this album I couldn’t wait to give this baby a whirl. These guys past production work has been flawless (“Doppelganger” by Daniel Amos “Mercury” by The Prayer Chain and “Amazing and Thank You” by Luxury to name a few). Upon first listen you can hear that Circle Slide has plenty of passion as evidenced by their honest lyrics and guitar heavy onslaught, not that cranked up guitars always equate true passion but on _Uncommon Days_ it does. Somehow these guys have attained the sound that Matchbox 20 and other such bands have been trying to get right for years. To get a better idea what these guys sound like imagine if Caemond’s Call decided to completely let loose and rock out, that’s how Circle Slide gets down.

These lyrics will help you “brush the dust off your soul.” All of these songs could easily but played on any modern rock radio station. With this offering, Circle Slide brings creativity and energy like so few bands do these days, this energy is on display with the first song “ Uncommon Days” which has a truly amazing drum rhythm that is instantly addictive. You can hear that drummer Fred Mandujano is drumming his heart out. Common threads that run through this album center on a growing, open relationship with our heavenly Father. “Walking On the Waves” is a plea with one’s self to hold firm to God through the tough times so that the pain will disappear, this is such an incredibly worshipful song. “Sun of My Soul” is begging to be played in every church in America, give it one listen and you’ll see why. The eerie intro on “Weather Boy” coupled with the swirly guitars (probably influenced by those Choir boys) makes this my favorite track on this release. Overall, this is a solid start to what will hopefully be a long career. If you like upbeat modern rock that champions God’s goodness and mercy while at the same time it rocks your socks off  then _Uncommon Days_ is right up your alley. 
Aaron Anderson  7/12/2005

In addition to writing for Phantom Tollbooth, Aaron also independently writes poems, devotionals and more about the human condition. To read more of his writings or order some of his books go to:


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