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Artist: The Evan Anthem
Label: Mono vs. Stereo Records 
Length:  12 Tracks/47:33 Minutes

The Evan Anthem’s sophomore release Sens features the foursome rocking with a fresh sound that is current with some cool retro touches (jangly guitar/reverb-laden piano/keyboard flourishes).  Sens is a solid modern rock album with beefy production by Mark Lee Towsend (Relient K) and a bevy of catchy tunes with enough musical twists and turns to provide much replay potential.  The two vocalists (Derek Kern and Matt Miller) have a wide range that adds drama and harmony to the album.  The whole CD is enthralling, with several standout cuts (including the oh-so-cool titled "High-Strung Poets") and at least one instant classic (the anthemic “Half Ready to Half Believe”). 

Check out the band:
Hear some samples:

Barry Nothstine

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