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Artist: Jimmie Bratcher
Label: Ransom Music
Length: 13 tracks/ 48 min
Jimmie Bratcher’s Red is a highly enjoyable Christian blues/rock release, featuring an impressively well-balanced batch of songs and consistently solid song writing.

What makes Red such a good listen is that its artist is both highly talented with his instruments, yet also adept at writing effective and moving songs.  He shows off his guitar skills throughout, yet never at the expense of good songcraft.  The sweet melody and soulful backup choir on “Beautiful People” provides for an amazingly beautiful and lush listen, while “Take it Back” features a perfectly tight, short, and fun southern-rock tune.  Red flows very smoothly as an album, and features expert production by Jim Gaines (Carlos Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn).  

Jimmie’s lyrics don’t bite as strongly as his music, sometimes settling into familiar themes and lines that don’t quite express enough of a personal experience.  Red is still a good release though, showing a Christian artist that has a heart for sharing his faith and for creating good art.
Jonathan Avants 11/13/05


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