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Sophomore Jinx (solo piano)
Rob Costlow
Artist: Rob Costlow
Label: Tourist Records 2005 
Length: Running Length: 50 minutes
Tourist Records 0245 (685862020627)

There are times when Rob Costlow’s piano music is reminiscent of the soundtrack for The Piano. The first selection, “I Do,” on this CD brings to mind raindrops and I was ready for a collection of varied music. However, such was not the case, as Costlow’s music begins to sound the same the more you go into the CD. 

There are nine selections, with one almost eight minutes long and the other almost nine minutes. A melody was hard to come by and the music begins to sound like an accompaniment rather than a solo performance. This is especially apparent on “Bliss,” “Goodbyes,” and “Oceans.”   The listener needs something to hold on to and it isn’t repetitive chords that go on and on. Also, the lower notes on the piano (the brand of the piano is not credited) have a decided “twang” particularly on B natural. Unfortunately, this comes through on “L.A./Passing By,” “Summer Garden,” and “Oceans.”

Costlow does have fluency on the keyboard which makes "Lost or Found,” “Forever,” and “Family” the last selection on this CD, innovative. When he is on a roll, there is a flow pattern that starts to take the listener along with him, unfortunately, repetition gets in the way and the pieces sound alike. 

Copyright 2005 Marie Asner
Submitted 6/15/05



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