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Street Soul
Artist: Pee Wee Callins
Label: Beatmart Recordings
Time: 14 tracks/49:22 min.

Pee Wee Callins knows how to put the soul in R&B.  Working with producer Todd Collins (dc Talk, Out of Eden, The Katinas), Pee Wee has created a breathtaking album, Street Soul, that will surely fulfill your expectation for powerful soul music.  

“Sunshine,” the first single off the album, is a soulful song that captivates the heart with Pee Wee’s silk-like vocals.  “Better Life” is a beautiful song with a strong, smooth beat.  Lyrically, the song is very impactful in that it addresses real life issues in a candid, straight-up fashion.  Looking for a tune that’s more up-beat? Don’t worry, Pee Wee did not leave you hanging.  “Party” is a catchy song that will do the trick for the high-energy, hip-hop side in you.  

Though it’s easy to get swept away with Pee Wee’s impeccable vocal performance, the CD is also rich with spiritual meaning and lyrical depth.  “The songs on the album are like a collection of short stories,” says Pee Wee.  “My approach to writing was to give the characters in the stories something to look forward to. The main ideas are hope, love, joy and a better life.  The conclusion is that these things can be obtained through Jesus Christ.”

Even though I felt that some of the songs ended rather abruptly, _Street Soul_ is still an amazing CD deserving more than just a second glance. Pee Wee appears to have found a solid groove in positive soul music so don’t hesitate to purchase this album.

Sarah Verno, 7/12/2005



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