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  Let It Go
Artist: Paul Colman
Label: Inpop Records
Length: 11 Tracks / 46:01

After a successful 2002, Paul Colman Trio won the Dove Award for "New Artist of the Year".  Unfortunately, that didn't lead to good things for the group.  Shortly after their win, the group broke up and Paul Colman decided to go the solo route.  Let It Go is his first solo record.  Any time an artist goes solo after being part of a group, fans are bound to wonder how his sound will compare to the group's sound. The first impression of Paul Colman's music is that he is more creative than many people would have guessed.

The project starts off with "Gloria" a great praise and worship song that has a unique and catchy sound to it.  The chorus also manages to sound like an anthem.  It is only a matter of time before this one makes it way into praise and worship services or choirs' song lists across the country.  From there, the album manages to slow down to the folk sounding "The One Thing."  This song highlights the fact that God never changes.   Things pick back up with "Holding Onto You" which is a fast, catchy praise and worship number. This one also focuses on the fact that God never changes and His love always remains.  There is more of a sonic feel to "Always (Forever)" which continues the theme of God never changing with the idea of God being forever.  "Sweet River" is one of countless songs that uses the image of a river cleansing us yet Colman manages to be unique with the sound and lyrics to the song, which will remind some listeners of Jars of Clay. Colman channels his inner Michael W. Smith in "I'm Coming Home."  The final song "My Brother Jack" is one of those songs that sticks in your brain and makes you think.

With many albums there is at least one or two songs that you find yourself skipping over for various reasons.  This is one of those rare projects that is solid from beginning to end without a bad song in the bunch. Those fans of Paul Colman Trio who are concerned about Colman's solo career need not worry.  Let It Go is a solid effort that deserves a listen and shows a great career ahead for Paul Colman

Burton Wray April 23, 2005



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