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  Ome: Rewind Tomorrow (The Original Mark Edwards)
Artist: Mark Edwards
Label: Princess Records PRO4CM01 (2004)
Length: 40 minutes

Mark Edwards is a Minneapolis musician who was a founding member and writer for The Domo Sound (albums Our E.P. and Right Brain.) Now, Mark is working solitary and has come out with his solo album. The intricate blends on this CD are just that---intricate---and well honed. You will hear reminiscences of The Beatles (“Three Minutes to Impact”), the Seventies psychedelic sound (“Can You Believe?”)  and scratch (“20th Century Boy.”)

This album just plain rocks. “20th Century Boy” is a good selection to begin the CD as it makes the listener pay attention. Is there something wrong with my CD player? No! It’s it the music---scratch---and away you go. “Can You Believe?” has clear lyrics about “…it was so simple then…” with incisive key changes for effect. “Another Number” is a sad remembrance of the death of someone young, “…you were so young, it made no sense to me…”  The music is dreamlike and puts the listener in a reflective mood.

“Circling Around Clementine” doth rock. “Life Everlasting” and “Rewind Tomorrow” are the two selections to end the CD. “Life” is a sensitive piece about “…I want to see you…” while “Rewind” is someone dreaming of their life, “…sunshine far from home, dreaming of my love.”

The majority of music here is solid and innovative, but two selections, “Wish I Could See Your Film” and “Three Minutes to Impact” are just average. “Wish” has weak lyrics while “Three Minutes,” though making one think of “Yellow Submarine” has sound effects that overpower the listener and the word “gurgle” has new meaning. Also, I wish the program notes on this CD would be clear so I could credit additional musicians. As it stands, Ed Ackerson, Adeline Edwards, Heidi Edwards, Steve Goold, Christopher Maciolek, and Noah Skogerboe were musical contributors. 

 Mark Edwards is certainly a clever musician with an ear for just the right sound at just the right time. Looking forward to the next album.

Copyright 2004 Marie Asner
Submitted 12/11/04



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