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Live at the Off Center Garage (DVD)
Artist: Mitch McVicker 
Label: Spindust Records/Off Center Studios

_Live at the Off Center Garage_ is a concert featuring Mitch McVicker and bandmates Joe Curet, Brad Layher, with special guest (and McVicker producer) Mark Robertson.  Most of the songs McVicker has become known for are here, including "Lemonade Song," "Here and Now," "Heaven is Waiting," and the final song he wrote with Rich Mullins, "My Deliverer."

The video makes it clear that McVicker's voice has made a strong comeback from the nerve damage he sustained in the 1997 accident that killed Rich Mullins.  Mitch is in fine form here, singing most of the songs the way they were originally recorded, yet infusing them with his own youthful enthusiasm, sometimes getting into a spoken word, repeated chorus, and at other times, going off in a direction he can only hope the band will follow.

There are three new songs here, in the sense they haven't been released yet: "Along With the Rocks," "Wounded One," and "Partysong."  If these are three songs to be included on his next CD, we have a lot to look forward to.  The concert shows a relaxed, bouncy McVicker, who at times sounds like Adam Duritz (Counting Crows).

Bonus features on the disc include a music video for "Stargazer," an electronic press kit, and interview footage in which McVicker is very candid about his music career and ministry.  This DVD is well conceived, emphasizing the music, but leaving in the on stage rambling that has endeared McVicker to his fans.  The extras are well done, and are worth viewing, providing some substance rather than feeling obligatory.

Brian A. Smith  6/4/2005



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