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  Live at Bobfest 2003
Artist: Leviticus
Label: BTS Records
Length: 11 tracks

I loved the Internet in the early '90s. I was finally able to find the discs I had only heard about but was never able to find. Leviticus is one of those groups. A metal band from Sweden, they--like many metal bands today--seem to attract a larger following in Europe than in the States, but I remember the thrill of seeing them once at Cornerstone. Their early music is still hard to find, but in 2003, the band re-formed to play Bobfest, a Christian heavy metal festival that takes place in Linköping, Sweden, in March. Luckily for us, the performance was recorded, and the show has been released by BTS Records. The sound quality is excellent for a live recording. If you are a metal fan, grab this CD at the Bobfest website. This year is the fest's final year, so this may be their last recorded performance.
Song Listing:

1. Flames Of Fire
2. Saved
3. Messiah
4. Oh Lord
5. Majestic In Power
6. On the Rock
7. All Is Calm
8. Born Again
9. The Suffering Servant
10. Deborah and Barak
11. I'm Gonna Rock

Shari Lloyd  12/18/2004  


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