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  Mostly Hymns
Artist: Lucas Allen 
Label: Little America Records
Length: 12/49:58

One thing about Lucas Allen is certain: he will never be accused of false advertising with this CD.  It is exactly what the title says: mostly hymns.  The CD is an interesting about face from the modern worship movement – instead of employing the modern mode of repetitive choruses, Allen picks up an acoustic guitar and rearranges old hymns – the ones we and our parents grew up with.  

Allen’s vocals are coffeehouse folk singer mixed with Neil Diamond (in a good way).  His style is much like that of Mitch McVicker, Rich Mullins, and occasionally Michael Card.  “More Than Any Song” shows him edging into David Crowder territory as well.   “Fountain” is a cross between Neil Diamond and Rob Thomas (formerly Matchbox 20).

“Only Trust Him” is an adult alternative piece, almost an acoustic version of Counting Crows, while “And Can It Be” and “1000 Tongues” are closer to the original hymns that spawned them.  

 Lucas Allen’s disc provides a pleasing change from the plethora of worship CDs that have been released recently.  Mostly Hymns reminds us of the faith that raised us, while not sacrificing the music we appreciate most now.

Brian A. Smith 8 May 2005



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