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Artist: Kara Williamson
Label: INO Records
Length: 11 Tracks / 45:10

After a disappointing debut CD that did not receive too much press, Kara Williamson returns with _Undisguised_.

The opening track "Bring It On" opens sounding like it should be a nice piano based number with a fun pop sound, until the rock guitars come crashing in and the chorus tries to give the song a rock feel. This rock sound continues with the second verse. The second song "Where Are You" is more of a pop number, which gives Kara's voice more of a chance to shine. 

"More Than Enough," the third track features a pop sound closer to that of the second track. This is easily one of the standout tracks as she sings "Amazing Grace; You're my covering; And I am safe in you". Memorable lyrics can also be found on the fourth track, "O Wounded King" where Kara sings "O wounded King, so fiercely stained; So full of love, so full of pain...Oh perfect plan; Oh love divine." 

Other memorable songs include "Undisguised," the title track; "Dear Performer," a slow ballad to the part of each of us that tries to perform, or be something that we are not to the people around us; and a cover of the Michael W. Smith song "Never Been Unloved."

One of the flaws of this project is that it never seems to settle on one style. Some songs sound like solo rock songs, some sound like a female rock group. Some songs sound like a solo pop artist, some sound like a pop group a la Point of Grace. This results in an album that just feels too disjointed with no flow to it. One hopes that with her next CD, there aren't so many different styles, instead Kara sticks to one or two styles throughout the album.

While an enjoyable CD and an improvement over her debut release, _Undisguised_ still leaves room for growth, especially as Kara looks for her own style.

Burton Wray March 20, 2005



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