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Artist: Joy Williams
Label: Reunion Records
Length: 10 tracks

The word “genesis” is defined as the coming into being of something.  For 22 year old singer/songwriter Joy Williams, it also describes her complete transformation from teen dreamer to a solidly defined adult artist.  Genesis, her third album not only demonstrates musical maturity, but also captures Joy’s lyrical growth – having been co written by Joy.
From the opening anthem “Stay” to the album closer “Child of Eden,” Genesis shows off Joy’s impressive vocal range as well as illustrates her own personal five year journey to the woman she is growing into.
Like the previous two albums, this third release deftly combines elements of bubble gum pop with edgier influences, creating a progressive pop sound sure to leave you wanting for more.  Vocally and lyrically, this album presents an older, wiser Joy – dealing with the hopes, fears and some time insecurities everyone deals with at some point in their lives.  
Genesis would make an excellent addition to any collection!
Kerry Maffeo 7/16/2005



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