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Artist: Jeff Anderson 
Label: Gotee Records
Length:11 Tracks / 40:54

It's been awhile since I found a CD where every track offers me something I enjoy, but that's what Jeff Anderson's _Seamless _does for me. Each track offers a new surprise musically. This guy really has a way with melody and lyrically he  encourages, challenges and gives us the feeling that we are not alone in this mess.

Opening track "Open My Eyes" is electrifying and extremely memorable. Here you get the first look at Anderson's yearning vocal approach that permeates the entire project."Paralyzed" with its easy pop beat and Beatlesque melody speaks of the omnipresence of God that just stops him in his tracks. "I Don't Belong Here" opens with a near perfect combination of melody and lyric  for the situation. The song was written after his wife's miscarriage. 

           I keep feeling helpless, but your grace keeps pouring into my heart.
            This day can't last forever. Tomorrow will come, but when will it start. 
All the tracks have a kind of worship, heart-on-my-sleeve feel to them. Anderson says they are a series of prayers from the heart. Quite mature of a debut release, Seamless makes me want to know what else Jeff Anderson has waiting for us.

Bob Felberg  3/19/2005

Gotee is one of those rare labels that is known for always releasing high quality music.  Gotee is one of those labels that fans expect a lot from when they sign a new artist.  The good news is that fans will not be let down with the debut release of Jeff Anderson.  Seamless is a worship record that manages to not fall into the pitfalls of the cliched sound that many praise and worship projects have.  Many times a song can be recognized as a praise and worship song from just listening to the first few notes of the song, but that is not the case with the songs on _Seamless_.  Anderson manages to craft a worship CD with a unique sound.  His sound could best be
described as being similar to Delirious, but with even more of a Brit-rock sound. 

The opening track "Open My Eyes" not only had radio hit written all over it but also most likely will find its way into youth praise and worship services across the country with its passionate chorus.  While "As I Am," the second track, starts off slower, it has a chorus that gets things rocking again. "Paralyzed" slows things down as Anderson reflects on the fact that even when he cannot see God he trusts Him. The slow tempo continues with "I Don't Belong Here," one of the standout tracks of the project, as Anderson remembers that he doesn't "belong here" but is "made for heaven." One of the quirkier sounding songs of the album is easily "All We Have Now."

One of the few disappointments with this project is its brevity.  It clocks in at just under 41 minutes but that includes the radio mix of "Open My Eyes." The average listener will have difficulty telling this track apart from the version that is the project's opening track.  Without this extra track, this becomes one of the shortest CDs of recent memory.

Gotee has another hit on its hands with Jeff Anderson and Seamless, which is easily one of the best debut releases so far this year.  Anderson offers a unique sounding worship that is a breath of fresh air in a genre that has seen a glut of releases in recent years. His Brit-rock sounding worship is something that deserves the listen .  Jeff Anderson has the potential to be one of the best modern worship artists in CCM and a force in the industry for years to come.

Burton Wray March 31, 2005



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