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  The End of Fear 
Artist: Josh Doyle 
Label: GBR 
Length: 5 songs/25:25 

Josh Doyle, late of the Dum Dums, ventures out on his own with his debut EP The End of Fear.  A five-song acoustic-flavored hodgepodge, The End of Fear provides a showcase for Doyle’s understated, but immense talents. 

The first tune, the title track, features power pop with some electronic trash thrown in for good measure.  "Aphrodite" is radio-friendly with its accessible sound and appropriately wistful lyrics.  The ballads 'Solarstorms" and "Become Beautiful" deliver their intended purpose, with the former doing so in a less-clichéd manner than the latter. 

The heavy “Boyracer” is pure electronica and seems completely out of place on the album, but it sure does make the speakers thump. 

The End of Fear signals a good start for Doyle’s career.  A full-length release from him should be interesting to see as to which direction musically he pursues. 

Noel Lloyd 4/3/2005



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