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  Save the Humans
Artist: Ian Eskelin
Label: Inpop Records
Time: 10 tracks

Inpop recording artist Ian Eskelin poses some questions and challenges the listener with Save the Humans. The project's title track states, "one hope baby, only God can save the humans now." The next song, "Taboo," deals with situations in which people talk about Jesus or God, some people are automatically up in arms, while other people aren't hotly debating other topics. Eskelin also discusses not needing material things and that people should not live a soft and padded faith. On this project, Eskelin shows he can create some really jumping, snappy contemporary music or settle down and worship Jesus.

Save the Humans can either get people to raise their arms in a sway of energetic songs or to raise their arms in a sway of powerful worship music.

Think of this scenario for a second--Ian Eskelin could cater to those diehard worship fans, play in front of youth groups, while still being able to bring back the "young at heart's" dancing shoes (can anyone say, "fun day at work?").

Anyone who loves upbeat music or worship music, all of it retaining a truer feel of an honesty of faith, should look into purchasing this CD. By the way, any of these songs can stand alone and still have a huge effect on the listener.

Len Nash 2/14/2005



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