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  Cartharsis and the Humdrum    
Artist: Cartharsis and the Humdrum
Label: Indie
Length: 41.09
Just what is this? Wow. Very interesting!  Cartharsis and the Humdrum have that something mades you turn up the volume and actually pay attention to the music playing.  Kevin Thorton, vocals, guitar and main writer, is a  real presence here. Very emotive and plaintive, guiding this ship of the heart, singing lyrics that stare into the face of everyday fears and conquers. Mature, sometimes troubling, but always passionate.

Carefully chosen covers Police's "Every Breath You Take" and "Here Comes the Rain Again" take on a quality of their own. The music here is strong and memorable. This is the second-and, sadly, last-album by Texas trio. Each of the members are still in the music business. Hopefully we will hear from them again. 

Bob Felberg  1/22/2005



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