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Hillsong: Live Worship for Kids
Artist: Various
Label: Integrity
Length: 15/54:20

The best thing I can say about this disc is that my five year old daughter loves it.  Filled with redundant choruses and bouncy music, Live Worship for Kids opens and closes with "Superhero," a mostly harmless number about the omnipotence of Christ.  In between are thirteen songs guaranteed to etch themselves on your subconscious if you listen to them more than once.

"You're The One" is the best of the lot, with a Delirious?/New Order soundtrack.  Other songs, such as the redone "King of Majesty," have been given a hip hop feel, complete with programmed drum loops and requisite shout outs.  Adults will find the latter insipid.  Best aimed at young audiences ­ anyone over the age of twelve will roll
their eyes.

Brian A. Smith  5/19/2005



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