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Lower Than the Angels
Artist:  Greg Adkins
Label: Indipendent
Time: 43:54

Lower Than the Angels is a solid debut album. With a folk rock sound that ventures into CCM radio ready tunes, this album is refreshing to listen to.

The album does not come out of the gate pushing the worship aspect. He establishes himself as a good singer/songwriter and a human first. The style and storytelling are what really stands out here. A look at the guest list {Andrew Peterson, Kenny Hutson (Vigilantes of Love), Marcus Meyers (Silers Bald), Ben Shive, and Aaron Sands (Jars of Clay)} provides a glimpse at the style of this album. “Come Lord Jesus (Not Another Worship Song)” breaks down his feelings...This is not another worship song/full or words that I would never use/ if I weren’t standing in a church/and I’m not sure it it’s right or wrong/ but sometimes the best I can do is tell you where it hurts. 

Adkins wrote and recorded a different song every week from October 2003 through October 2004. You can check out all the songs that didn't make it at From those songs and a few extras, he put together a CD of eleven powerful songs. He worships his Creator without having to tell us what he's doing. Hearing these songs, it is easy to imagine yourself as a fly on the wall looking into the stories of life.

After listening to the eleven songs on this CD, I was totally unprepared for the hidden track “Church of the Future”. What a riot! I think I've been to that church.

Justin Wright



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