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I Am Sure
Artist: Richie Furay 
Label: FridayMusic
Time: 13 tracks/55:14 minutes

For those who are familiar with popular music, Richie Furay hardly needs an introduction. He was a founding member of Buffalo Springfield, Poco and the Souther Hillman Furay Band, and as a member of Buffalo Springfield, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As significant as all that may be, since the early '80’s, he has devoted himself to being the Pastor of a Calvary Chapel church in Boulder, Colorado. Fortunately, for fans of his music, and music lovers in general, he still finds the time to record music.

Almost thirty years ago you could hear Richie Furay singing praises to God on some of the early Maranatha music recordings. In his latest recording, I Am Sure, he still sings like someone who is passionate about his relationship with Jesus Christ. These uplifting, Scripture-inspired songs of praise and worship are done in Richie’s signature style.

The songs are guitar-driven and somewhat reminiscent of the light country rock and folk that Furay helped pioneer with Poco. There is the trademark Lap Steel guitar sound of former Poco-mate Rusty Young. Instruments like dobro, banjo, mandolin, and fiddle are more prominent on the more acoustic, Americana-sounding songs like the delightful "So Far To Go" and "City of God." "Father Of Glory" is more of a rock song that has some great guitar work. 

Lyrically, many of the songs are Psalm-like—declaring the character and glory of God, confessing need and inviting the listener to enter into praise. "Overflow" is a beautiful song of thanksgiving: "You are so strong, though I am weak / You know my heart, every beat / So when I say, I love You so / With thanksgiving let my life Overflow." "Precious Blood" could be sung in a congregational setting. "Father we gather before you today / Humbly we come to worship and pray / Your word is piercing, convicting the soul / Your Precious Blood makes us whole." Each song is filled with Scriptural truth that can be a source for meditation and reflection. 

All the songs are written my Richie Furay and writing-partner and Calvary Chapel worship leader Scott Sellen. Richie has assembled an outstanding supporting cast, which includes contributions from former band-mates Jim Messina, Chris Hillman, Paul Cotton and Tom Stipe.

I Am Sure is a fine example of songwriting that incorporates Scriptural truths with expressions of praise and worship. It has an organic, almost classic-rock feel that is a great alternative to the many similar-sounding praise and worship recordings that are so popular today. It would be wonderful if more Christian artists followed the originality found here. 

In My Father’s House, Richie’s previous recording, which is similar in sound and style, is also available from FridayMusic.

Michael Dalton
June 11, 2005



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