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Artist: Frequency
Label: Indie
Length: 10 tracks / 41:37

Frequency…responding is about the simple truth that we only return to God a response first initiated by Him. We really don’t bring something new. It was first His movement to us. God is preeminent.” ­ Greg Sanders

Worship leader Greg Sanders of Good Shepherd Church in Ft. Collins, Colorado, has amassed a treasure-trove of ten original, heartfelt worship tunes for his independent release, Frequency…responding. Sanders, accompanied by brother Zac (bass) and sister Amy Mann (vocals), returned to his hometown of Longview, Washington, to enlist the aid of longtime friends/musicians from the west coast to record this project. Among the extraordinarily talented folks who lent their hearts and hands to this album were producers The Glitter Twins (Gabriel Wilson and Chris “Solo” Greeley of The Rock ‘n Roll Worship Circus) and their bandmates Josiah Sherman (keys, glockenspiel, reed organ) and Eric Lemiere (guitar).

Though built upon Sanders’ solid, acoustic guitar foundation, these songs rise into stunning, pleasingly simple arrangements highlighted by Sherman’s retro keys, angelic background vocals, Sanders’ own tender piano, and mesmerizing drones throughout.

Sanders aims continually upward with his lyrics, churning out modern Psalms that reflect a deep desire to respond to God’s love with reverberating songs of unpretentious praise:

Holy is your name
Lovely is your grace
Faithful your tenderness
Forever you are the same
-- “We Worship You”

You are the source
So I am here
To stay at your feet
And to draw near
In you I find everything I need
Just a moment with you
Makes me sing
From “The One”

While Nashville seems to remain the unflickering lighthouse of North America ’s thriving worship scene, echoing beacons from the Rockies and the west coast signal that there are groundswells of grassroots high worship making waves elsewhere in the world.

Recommended if you like Jars of Clay, Tremolo Cowboys, Tim Hughes, Glassbyrd, the City on a Hill worship series.

Greg Adams 3/14/05

**** (four ticks)


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