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Artist: Flyleaf
Label: Octone Records
Length: 4 tracks/12:03

At first glance Flyleaf may look like just one thing, an Evanescence wannabe. While this may or may not be true, one thing can be said for Flyleaf, they are not all about hate and anger. They a band who takes all of life’s emotions, and bottles them up into a passion that most certainly shows in their music. Their first CD with Octone Records has proven that while still raw this band has a lot of potential. The most positive elements of the album is the production. The band had the help of producers Rick Parasher (Pearl Jam, 3 Doors Down) and Kevin Shirley (Aerosmith, The Black Crowes) with the help of those men Flyleaf was able to get a very nice modern rock sound out of their album. The negative element was simply the length of the CD. Even though the CD was 12 plus minuets, there was simply not enough time to begin to enjoy the album. The other major downfall was the lack of creativity on this short CD. Throughout my entire listen, I kept thinking that I was listening to something already created before.

Mike Elliott 2-14-2005


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