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  The Legend of Big Sid
Artist: Flatfoot
Label: Rexrode Records
Length: 11 Tracks/ 38:22

The band Flatfoot has been around for several years, and with the release of their second studio album are hoping to hit big time. Their sound is best summed up by the band themselves,” Big Star Pop and Appalachia.” In more simple terms the CD is full of catchy guitar hooks and has a back woodsy country feel. This is not a CD will Wow you with incredible musicianship, or brilliant lyrics, but it is a CD that will impress fans of tall-tale, tangy-country music. All in all this CD is very solid and deserves a good listen and a decent rating. The downfall to this CD, was its’ inability to draw the listener into the flow and “story-telling” mode that one must be into to thoroughly enjoy this album. Because of the inability completely enjoy, I am just not able to give this CD a very good rating. While this band from Lansing, Michigan has great potential, they are still raw and haven’t obtained that “commercial” sound yet.

Mike Elliott 2/20/2005



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