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  Where There’s Smoke…There’s Fire
Artist: Flame
Label: Cross Movement Records
Length: 19 Tracks/ 1:18:15

The first CD by Flame on Cross Movement Records is a very solid hip-hop album. This CD is very catchy and provides a great alternative to some of the questionable "mainstream" rap that floods our airwaves. This CD is great in the fact that it does not force Christianity on the listener, but instead tackles some of the everyday challenges we face. Flame recently signed to "the hottest record company in the Christian Hip-Hip genre!" and has found a home there. His first CD on the label is pretty solid, however there are times on the disc where I feel he holds back just a little bit, and never gets to the point being amazing. Some of the real good tracks are the first one "Intro (Everybody Screamin' Jesus!)" and the tenth one "L.A.D.I.E.S" which talks about Jesus loving women and that those women have a very special place in His ministry. 

There are several things that I did not like very much about his record though. First, the length of the songs that were written on the back of the case were incorrect. Second, my CD didn't have a lyrics sheet. While sometimes this is a very minor thing, but while listening to hip-hop I like to have the lyrics handy. I was told I could find the lyrics on the Web, but to no avail, no lyrics were to be found. The third major problem was the fact that the CD seemed to drag on at times. That is not to say that the songs weren’t good, they were good, but at times they seemed fake. Some of the rhymes were too expected. All of those thing aside, the album was pretty solid and provided a very enjoyable listen. This is a great CD for fans of Christian hip-hop, and those who are just beginning to venture into the world of hip-hop. As for me, I can see this CD getting some regular rotation in my steadily increasing hip-hop collection.

Mike Elliott   1/9/2005



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