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Artist: Farewell June
Label: Whiplash Records
Length: 12 tracks/54 minutes

After the mid-90’s folk-rock revival lead by bands such as Caedmon’s Call and Sister Hazel, there seems to be a flurry of sound-alikes. Today, this sound is most closely aligned with Casting Crowns, a band riding on the coattails of Steven Curtis Chapman and barely deserving of the recognition that they are receiving. Recently named one of this year’s top independent artists, the Missouri sextet, Farewell June, have hit the scene doing things their way. Sounding like a folk-rock band fronted by James Taylor or Chris Rice, Farewell June craft catchy pop/rock songs with tight harmonies that are relevant to both believers and non-believers, dealing with topics from spiritual renewal, love, and friendship. “In Dreams” and “Smells Like Rain” stand out for both their lyrical quality and musical integrity. Fans of Carbon Leaf and Counting Crows will likely find this to be an easy and rewarding listen. Fans of Casting Crowns could use a release like this. At least it’s due the credit it deserves.

Zach Delph 05/19/2005



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