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  While We're Here
Artist: Fire Escape 
Label: Indie
Time: 10 tracks

Jazz is in and Sacramento, California's Fire Escape brings it to the masses in a creative blend of melodic rock worship. "Jazz Rock" that is sassy seductively smooth and lush background layered with a smartly played saxophone. Worshipful lyrics that honor the Lord, an appreciation for the multiple blessings, and life's lessons that have been learned. All of this adds to a relaxing and settling atmosphere that makes this different from today's cliche known as "worship." While We're Here is a worship CD to be sought after and to be listened to when a person would love to relax and chill out. Fire Escape has created a CD that worships, relaxes, soothes, and adds something different.

Look for this band, if a person likes worship music, get this CD! It is well worth the whole listen, so go out and get something to relax to while in a state of worship.

Len Nash 1/23/2005



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