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  Still the Cross
Artist: FFH
Label: Essential Records
Length: 10 Tracks / 40:11 

For their new CD FFH decided to move forward by delivering a sound on some songs that is reminiscent of the 1980s and groups such as First Call.  Songs such as the opening track, "You Drive I'll Ride"  and "You and Only You," have an electronic feel to them that will remind many listeners of CCM circa 1980s.  These songs are cute and catchy but there is a reason that CCM has moved past the sound of the '80s.  Some of these songs not only have a sound that can now be considered cheesy but the lyrics sometimes become cliche-filled.

Other songs sound like the FFH that fans have come to enjoy.  Tight FFH-style harmonies are the center of songs, such as "You Love Me Anyway," "The Long Haul," "Cover Me," "Still the Cross," and "All Part of the Walk."  "Still the Cross" is easily one of the top tracks on this album and this anthem is a song that many listeners will enjoy.  "In This Moment" features Jennifer Deibler taking the lead and showing how strong a female vocalist she is.

Some listeners will be turned off by the songs with the 1980s feel, but others will focus on the tracks that deliver the traditional FFH-style harmonies and find a FFH album that they can enjoy.  Whether or not one likes this CD will depend on which category, the listener falls into.

Burton Wray December 11, 2004



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