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Artist: The Felix Culpa 
Label: Common Cloud
length: 11/58:22

The Felix Culpa claims they have been compared to such diverse artists as Bjork and At the Drive In.  Imagine my chagrin when their album Commitment turned out to be mostly nu metal radio soundalikes.  “A Benediction” and “Numbers” are the most obvious offenders, falling into the same genre as Disturbed, or a lesser version of Korn.

“Bad Actors” is the most interesting track ­ sung in a regular voice, it is based by a speed metal drum part almost directly lifted from Metallica’s One.”  The effect doesn’t add much to the overall sound, but it does at least show that Felix Culpa isn’t locked into one style.

My feel for this disc is that the opinions of its listeners will be divided almost directly down the middle between the over 30 crowd and the under 30 crowd.  Those over will have a more difficult time with deciphering lyrics, and the nu metal/emo formula of quiet verse, slow guitar build, slow drum build, full out screaming wall of sound chorus employed by so many of these bands.  The under 30’s will just shake their heads and wonder why I don’t get this band.  The shame of it is that I wanted to ­ the lyrics here make you contemplate the state of the world, but without a lyric sheet, dozens of listens would have been required to make them out.

Brian A. Smith  1/4/2005


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