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  The Need to Feel Alive
Artist: Forever Changed 
Label: Floodgate Records
Time: 11 tracks

Whoa! Not again! Another AMAZING CD, this time in a truly awesome full-length CD on a noteworthy label. Some people may first off label this as "emo", NO, DO NOT EVEN TRY TOO! This is indie rock, influenced by The Police among MANY others, including some modern day bands such as FSF. 

"Romance in Denial" offers up a strikingly good feel of The Police/Sting "etchy, haunting, and soothing" type of deal. Forever Changed takes the relaxed and rockin' indie rock music that enjoys to rock it up and emotion that brings better understanding to meaningful lyrics. Lyrics that speak of loss, faith, picking up pieces of our lives that we should mend upon and other topics/themes that are more specific. The Need to Feel Alive features eleven tracks of beautifully crafted rock music, three songs come off of The Existense EP and track eleven is a piano solo by lead singer Dan Cole that would probably compete with Sting playing the piano. Forever Changed's latest effort is one that rocks out with an urgency to be able to be felt, lyrically and musically, and The Need to Feel Alive. Check out this CD or FC live, both would suffice for anyone that looks for great passionate music.

Len Nash  4/3/2005



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