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Artist: Fatigo
Label: 727 Records
URL: <>
Time: 12 Tracks / 47:35

Fresh from the desert of Phoenix, Arizona comes some hot music that’s sure to drench listeners' ears with style and eclectic musical goodness. After listening to one song from Fatigo, it is clear this is not the typical run-of-the-mill rock band. To get a grasp of their sound, imagine what it would sound like if a jazz fusion band got possessed by Havalina Rail Co. and performed songs by the band Sublime. Fatigo's love for Latin music means Menso caresses listeners in smooth salsa beats beginning to end. What’s great about these guys is that they are not afraid to push the envelope; they will use trumpets, xylophones, the kitchen sink, whatever they feel the song needs and on this twelve tracks they did not pick wrong once. The lyrics, which are masterfully delivered by Michael Montoya. alternate between humorous and serious. The closing song is heaven that puts forth the question “are harps and sandals mandatory?”  Anyone looking for some bosa nova music “kicked up” to the next level will find it here. I will definitely be listening to this album over and over again. The Spanish rhythms found here will get hips moving and grooving. Great job Fatigo. If they continue to put out quality music like this, they will for sure be around for awhile. 

Aaron C. Anderson  8/11/2005

In addition to writing for Phantom Tollbooth, Aaron also independently writes poems, devotionals and more about the human condition. To read more of his writings or order some of his books go to:


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