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  Watch What You Say to Ghosts
Artist: Fangs 
Label: Lujo
Length: 9/36:25

Lujo Records, if nothing else, has a roster of more interesting artists than any other label I’ve recently followed.  Fangs is a four piece band that seems to be firmly rooted in the early '90’s sound, with a dose of modern rock added.

“Pentagramme Lollipop” opens, with Coldplay-light piano over screechy vocals that leave a lot more to be desired.  The whole album falls into that category, actually.  “No Attachments” could be a Smashing Pumpkins/Pixies remix musically, but the vocals here are difficult to take.

“1983” is another nostalgic anthem for the Gen Xers, much in the vein of “1979” (Smashing Pumpkins) or “1985” (Bowling for Soup).

This is a talented band in terms of musical proficiency, falling somewhere between the early Seattle sound of Nirvana and influential alt rock band The Pixies.  I don’t need a technically proficient singer to like a band, but after repeated listens, I’m convinced that this is the only thing that would stop me from endorsing Fangs wholeheartedly.

Brian A. Smith
9 January 2005



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