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Artist: Anthony Faulkner
Label: 7th Chapter Music
Length: 13 tracks/ 52:18 minutes
Hailing from Houston, Texas, Anthony Faulkner is a well known TV and movie actor. His vocal skills have aided projects by Andre Crouch, Yolanda Adams and Clifton Davis. 

Now Faulkner has released his own solo project, Faith. All in all, it is an impressive debut with touches of jazz, shots of percussion, old school R&B, and traditional gospel. 

Strongest are his journeys into the old school soul soundslike "Stop Searching,"  a silky smooth excursion admonishing the seeker to stop when he finds Jesus and "Unconditional Love," a slow jam with beautiful harmony vocals The results are reminiscent of Smokey!  Included are two interview tracks that help the listener to get to know Faulkner on a different level.

But Faith lacks diversity in sound and spark.  Many of the songs seem to run together and end up dragging. Production is clean, but lacks punch. Faulkner vocals are versatile and beautiful. Expect greatness!!

Bob Felberg


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