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He Is Alive
Artist: Forgiven 5 
Classic Rock/Hard Rock
Label: Independent
Length: 11 tracks/54.13

Forgiven 5 is a hard rock group which recorded their debut album, He Is Alive, in 2004. To say that they need a little improvement would be an understatement; the poor quality of their debut is partly due to the production, but much of the work involves the musical development of Forgiven 5.

By the end of the album, the listener is crying for something different. Forgiven 5 uses similar introductions to each song: a clean electric guitar plays a minor chord with a chorus effect, with the bass playing the three notes of the chord from fifth to route. The arrangements are incredibly cliché, so derivative of '70's hard rock that it is difficult to take the album seriously. An absolutely pathetic attempt to rap ("On My Side") delivers the final blow to the record. Coupled with ridiculous leads and overall lack of originality, He Is Alive has little to offer musically, save the excellent (if not badly recorded) percussion of Thomas McEniry. Despite all this, it is hard not to rock out to "Forevermore," the opening track.

The production is low-budget and inadequate. Guitars are overdistorted, vocals are constantly off, and keyboards are (at times) distastefully cheesy.

However, the only goal of Forgiven 5 is to "glorify God and bring lost souls to Christ," and I believe they may do just that. While the group needs to tighten musically and improve intonation, along with recording quality, for their next album, the sound they are aiming toward is clear. Forgiven 5 are just not at that point yet, but any listener can hear their potential.

Tom MacMillan 5/12/2005



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