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The Blueprint Dives
Artist: Extol
Label: Solid State Records

Extol sure does create beautiful music that changes from CD to CD, and it seems. The Blueprint Dives is no different. Where Synergy was thrash, The Blueprint Dives is more heavy metal, with it being hard rock here or there on a few accounts.

Why the reason and/or season for this musical change once again? Well . . .  new band members, a different grouping of attitudes, and a newfound drive to play music--and play it well. The Blueprint Dives is a CD with which Extol seems to be sufficiently satisfied. How come? There is a relaxed feel, a locked-down energy that is ready to go, and completed touch, because nothing seems like it stands alone here.

Do not fear yet another change, Extol fans! There is still that energy from the thrash influence and still deathy/gothic vocals that are haunting, interesting, pulling the listener into the singing. Extol has indeed created another "heavy" CD but it is NOT like anything Extol fans have heard. The Blueprint Dives' first single, "Pearl," is a lighter song (as in no immense crushing blows from the instruments) which is darker but beautiful in its feel, a--GASP!--"hard rock" song done by Extol . . . almost, it is metal, with a gothic persuasion.

Noteworthy is that the lyrics are as deep as ever, with the same faith, same Extol. One big item that may bother older Extol fans is this: this sound is "lighter," overall, from previous releases. Yet, do not fret--it is as influenced by Gothic/deathy vocals and undertones as always. One thing is for sure, NEVER expect the same thing over and over again from Extol, expect a NEW CD, case in point . . . The Blueprint Dives.

5 tocks

Len Nash  5/21/2005

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