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  Beautiful Like Words
Artist: Elijah Wyman
Label: Blue Duck Records
Length: 17 tracks/ 50:57

Where to start…This album has been in my steady rotation from the time I received it. Elijah Wyman has created an album that has the ability to talk to people in all areas of life. His songwriting is exquisite and very witty. The songs are catchy and at the same time are very serious with great meanings. Elijah Wyman who is finishing a degree in writing often can be found playing live shows with a variety of musical instruments backing up his singing and guitar playing. Wyman, who is no stranger to music, grew up the son of a preacher and got interested in music at a young age, but not as a guitar player but a drummer and a bassist. He has played in numerous bands and until a few years ago didn’t have any interest in the guitar. Now he is not only interested in guitar, but has devoted time to mastering his skills. This background in music certainly shows in his music.

Elijah Wyman with his third release Beautiful Like Words, has certainly put his mark on the world of Indie/Acoustic music. While this mark may be unseen at this point, This album deserves much praise. The most positive element to the album was its accessibility. As soon as the album began to play I was interested, I didn’t need multiple listens to begin to respect it. If a negative could be found it would be the fact that Wyman does not have the voice that one would expect a solo acoustic guitar player to have. This element may turn some people off to his music, but if one learns to put away stereotypes, they may get a beautiful experience.

The song that I enjoyed the most would have to be the song “Beautiful Like Words.” This song talks about us being perfectly scripted by our author, and that everything the He wants us to be we are. Songs like this really made the album impact me, and me tear away my stereotypes and learn to respect the music and lyrics for what they are.

Mike Elliott 2/17/2005



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